Please read below carefully to see how the following changes may affect you.

  • Unlimited businesses for Bolt pro and Bolt+ plans. No extra costs.

  • Billing dashboard UI redesign.

  • Multi-Currency enables the automatic conversion of purchase values in a foreign currency to your Sirge account's currency.

  • Auto scaling feature which once enabled, scales your page views limit by an extra 10,000 every time you reach 95% of your limit. Available on Bolt Pro and Bolt+.

  • Data retention. As your business grows, your page views grow and so does your Sirge account. You had a sale a few months ago and want to compare results with your current sale? You may want Sirge to hold onto your data longer so you can analyze trends. By default all plans start at 60 Day Data Retention for free. Now you can have Sirge store incoming page views for longer at an additional charge per month. Other options are 180 Day, 1 Year and 2 Year. Data retention is only available on Bolt Pro and Bolt+.

With data retention changing what happens to my old page views?

For 10 days only starting January 26, you will have the option under your billing settings to select an extended retention period at an additional charge. This will automatically set the expiry date of all your old and new page views to your desired retention period.

How does data retention really work?

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